Examples of Convergence

Example 1: Healthy Aging

As individuals around the globe enjoy extended life spans, new demands are being made on the hitherto separate global markets around health, beauty, nutrition, sport and data management. Indeed, we already clearly see evidence of the boundaries between these markets converging; e.g. when nutrition companies investing in diagnostics companies. The driver for this convergence is that individuals around the world will create their own individualized solutions to support their own healthy aging. The challenge for organizations is to serve these `segments of 1` - and to do so profitably.

CE purposefully connects large organizations (pivotal players) with groups of smaller organizations to create powerful networks of capabilities serving the segment of 1.

Example 2: Real Estate and beyond

Convergence is also offering new opportunities in the markets for Real Estate. Investors in Real Estate in established markets such as hotels, retirement homes, hospitals and pension homes may find significant opportunities in linking their investments in Real Estate to offering additional, on-going services. These on-going services will then provide the basis for new business models, leveraging the initial investment to a new level.

CE purposefully connects the significant players and the capabilities required.

Example 3: Outcomes Research and Telemedicine

With aging populations health costs are rising. This puts pressure on important players such as pharmaceutical companies and hospitals to demonstrate the effectiveness of their interventions, the ‘outcomes’. Wearables and other diagnostic devices allow for the remote monitoring of patients and the related ‘outcomes’. In the sphere of Outcomes Research and Telemedicine the hitherto separate industries of say pharmaceuticals, hospitals, smart packaging, and data analytics converge.

At CE Convergence Engineers we support our clients to build robust partnerships across these industries to shape the future in health care and life sciences.